Industrialization has grown manifold in last few years. Innovations are a trend in almost every field. While there is a deluge of domestic machines and equipments, many new techniques have been introduced in industrial sectors too. These innovations have made process very fast, easy and accurate. But the old technology and products are not completely out yet. There are many manufacturers who are just selling fabricated products which cost a lot in the long run, though they might look cheaper initially. Managers may initially feel inclined to buy these inferior product in lure of some cost saving but they later prove much costlier than net technology due to high power consumption, high waste generation, high manual intervention, and extra efforts and time. Therefore cost should not always be the criterion while purchasing industrial products. One must compare its running cost, durability and recovery period before ordering any industrial machine or equipment.

Much before selecting industrial equipment, one must learn to select a vendor. Not each and every vendor offering similar machine is good enough to deal with. There are many factors other than the quality of machine or equipment that affect the performance, and must be considered. There are some standard certifications bestowed to manufacturers for their overall worth. ISO certifications are awarded only when manufacturers follow the most recommended manufacturing process and after sales services.

For example before buying an industrial temperature controller, heather or oven you should not solely rely upon the verbatim of the sales person but should ask for detailed specifications of the product. What raw material has been used and what are its capacity and properties. There are many factors that affect the performance of the equipment, its energy consumption and waste generation. Thus it becomes imperative to check the power consumption factors in some of the equipments such as in immersion heaters, muffle furnace, ovens, shrink wrap machines, thermocouples, sensors, sealers, band heaters and high density cartage heaters. Similarly while planning to buy a conveyor one must consider the quality of motor used in its operation.

Another important factor that you must consider prior to finalizing a deal with any industrial equipment supplier is his after sales services. Some of the vendors believe in sell and run-away method. Some who sell machine/equipment cheaper initially often avoid any service later. No matter how expert you are, you cannot know how a machine is going to perform or adjust in your work environment until you use it for some period. This is called trial period. You should convince the vendor to pay in installments. Many vendors agree to this term too. This saves you from extra interest cost which you might have to pay to the financial institutions otherwise. Besides, this gives you a trial period to test-drive the machine. The vendor is sure going to attend your complaints on priority if he has any such reason behind. So next time whenever you are going to buy industrial temperature controller, heater, oven or any other product. Do test the vendor well before machine.

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