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No.3 , Phase IV, Andarkuppam, Thatchur-601204
+91 7867018921
No.3 , Phase IV, Andarkuppam, Thatchur-601204

Heater Bank

Heater Bank

Radiant Heating Technologies offering all types of Air duct heater and heater bank. We design and configure your electric duct heaters according to your specifications. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to research and development of the latest technologies to meet every clients needs by manufacturing high-quality duct heaters and Heater Bank.

Precision tooled heater bank will be available in all shapes and sizes and power configuration. Duct heaters are heat transferring devices which are an assembly of heating elements mounted in a frame or duct. Its mainly used for non-pressurized air-heating systems and three types available i.e Open coil, tubular or finned tubular heaters which will be either flanged or inserted in the duct.

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  • Applications

    • Heat Treating
    • Load Bank of Generators
    • Air Drying Process
    • Air Handling Equipment
    • Forced Air Comfort Heating
    • Core Drying
    • Recirculation Ovens
    • Air Booster
    • Air Preheating
    • Terminal Reheating
    • Multi zone Reheating
    • Resistor Load Banks