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+91 7867018921
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Bundle Rod Heater

Bundle Rod Heater

RHT offers a Bundle Rod Heater with a circular ceramic disc that holds the heating elements. When used with radiant tubes, it delivers high power, prevents refractory corrosion, and avoids gas impurities in process materials. These heaters are designed for long-lasting and maintenance-free operation. The elements can be made from ferritic alloys up to 1250°C and NiCr alloys up to 1100°C.

Applications include primary aluminum holding and melting furnaces, galvanizing furnaces in steel industries, heat treatment furnaces in automotive industries, annealing furnaces, and carburizing furnaces.

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  • Features & Specifications

    • High Quality
    • Power Range: 1 kW to 75 kW
    • Cold Resistance Tolerance: ≤3%
    • Maximum Temperature: up to 1250 °C
    • Customizable Heater Parameters: Power Rating, Voltage, Resistance, Length, Diameter
    • Voltage Options: 240 or 480 V AC
    • Watt Density Range: 1 to 10 W/cm²
    • Radiant Tube Material Options: Stainless steel SS grade, Incoloy, PMD, Cast alloys
    • Tube Thickness Range: 1.5 to 8mm
    • Tube Length Range: 300 to 5000mm (customizable diameter & length)
    • Hanger Material Options: Mara FeCrAl, NiCr 80/20
    • Flange Material Options: MS, SS grade
    • Thermocouple Pocket Material: Alumina Tube (ceramic)
    • Control Options: Thermocouple, RTD’s, Thermostat for temperature controlling
    • Ceramic Disc Shape Options: Flower design, round type, conical type

RHT presents the Bundle Rod Heater, featuring a circular ceramic disc that securely holds the heating elements. This innovative heater not only ensures efficient and powerful heating but also contributes to a greener environment. By eliminating flue gases, it reduces CO2 emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice.

With convenient temperature control, assembly, and maintenance, our Bundle Rod Heater is user-friendly and easily sealed for optimal performance. Its strong heating ability and high efficiency guarantee outstanding results in various applications. Whether you prefer horizontal or vertical mounting, our heater accommodates your specific needs.

Minimizing its environmental impact, the Bundle Rod Heater is designed for longer working life and improved technical properties, ensuring reliability and longevity. It boasts higher surface load and resistivity, enabling optimal heating capabilities. Additionally, it remains free from oxide debris, promoting a cleaner operation.

Not only is our Bundle Rod Heater environmentally friendly, but it also offers an economical cost with a high watt density output, ensuring cost-effective energy consumption. Embrace this cutting-edge heating solution to achieve exceptional performance, reduce emissions, and enjoy its numerous benefits for your processes and the environment.